Here are top Digital Tools that all Career Counsellors should know!

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a structured process with elements of a client and a Career Counsellor who provides occupational support and guidance. It is an emerging psychological intervention. Many individuals from various educational and job backgrounds seek the advice of Career Counsellors.

The process begins with the clients undergoing psychometric assessments, and an interpretive report is made according to their responses. Career Counsellors then draw accurate conclusions and discuss the inferences with their clients.

Who are Career Counsellors?

Career Counsellor is an occupation that involves providing support and extensive information regarding various fields and job opportunities for individuals. They also assess the career experience of Working Professionals and analyze obstacles.

The Responsibilities for Career Counsellors

Listed below are the primary responsibilities of a Career Counsellor according to the Best Career Counselling in Kolkata:

i) Career Counsellors administer psychometric assessments to their clients. They explain the psychometric instruments, collect responses, and generate analytical reports. The cognitive aspects of the client, like intelligence, values, personality, and aptitudes are measured.

ii) Career Counsellors infer details from these aspects and match the individual’s traits to an appropriate field and job opportunity. The analytical report contains the top five career fields which are a proper fit for the client.

iii) They discuss these possible employment opportunities in-depth so that the person can make an informed decision regarding their occupational future.

iv) The Counsellors listen to the occupation-related concerns, queries, and situations of the clients, make them feel heard, and validate their emotions.

The responsibilities and roles of a Career Counsellor heavily depend on their work setting and the nature of their clients.

In school or other academic settings, Career Counsellors primarily work with the students and teachers. They work to create study schedules, coordinate with the teachers to prepare syllabi, educate the students on available scholarships and higher secondary educational institutes, and entrance examinations, and introduce career skills to the children. They are also commonly known as School Counsellors. If they are qualified, they can provide Counselling for the children in other aspects. i.e., they can work with Autistic kids and identify learning disabilities in other students.

School Counsellors focus on the academic performance and learning styles of the student. Their role is to develop tools and apply concepts that can be helpful for the children to retain more information and knowledge. They also spread awareness and details about various fields to the children and break conventional choices.

Career Counsellors who operate with freshers and Working Professionals focus on job satisfaction and other career-related aspects. They aid in occupational training and growth. help individuals seek employment and guide them at every step, like a resume, interview, and orientation.

The skills and qualities of a Career Counsellor

Career Counselling is a holistic occupation. An aspirant requires many skills and qualities to become a great Career Counsellor.

i) The most rudimentary skill is a defined skill set of communication. Counsellors are active listeners and strong speakers. They make their clients feel heard and communicate their support, guidance, and aid.

ii) Career Counsellors are empathetic people. They relate to and understand their client’s emotions and confusion. Emotional sensitivity and intelligence (EQ – Emotional Quotient) must be high. Career Counselling in India explains how otherwise they must train themselves and acquire an enhanced EQ.

iii) They are better decision-makers and problem-solvers. Counsellors can quickly analyze various situations and provide possible solutions for their clients. However, they do not make decisions on behalf of the individuals. They empower and support the client while they make their own choices.

iv) Career Counsellors are honest and non-judgemental and maintain the confidentiality of individuals who approach them. They should remain neutral and listen to the clients. They need to provide unbiased opinions and accurate information.

The Digital Tools used by Career Counsellors

Listed below are the top digital tools that every Career Counsellor needs to use, according to the Best Career Counselling in Kolkata:

i) A Career Library

Career Counsellors need to be highly knowledgeable about multiple fields and occupational designations. It might be challenging for a Counsellor to remember extensive information all the time, so it is beneficial for them to maintain a Career Library or have access to one.

Career Libraries can be physical locations, but it is handy to have digital libraries. They are easier to access and updatable. Career Counsellors can also share it with their clients and use it to generate Action Plans.

ii) Digital Career instruments

Career Instruments can include videos, techniques/tools, and PDFs that can be provided to the clients. These instruments aid in developing and enhancing career skills. They provide information and hacks/tips to improve skills like time management, organization, leadership, communication, etc.

Career Counsellors also use these instruments to help clients manage their exam/work stress.

iii) Psychometric Assessments in digital mode

Psychometric Assessments are lengthy and time-consuming. Many Career Counsellors prefer digital mediums to administer these scales.

Specific codes and software are present to calculate the scores and analyze the responses. This tool enables them to work with multiple clients simultaneously and record their reports.

iv) An online meeting application

Career Counsellors need to be on platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc. These applications are primary tools for them to meet their clients and conduct Counselling sessions. Digital modes help Career Counsellors to reach even remote clients and work conveniently.

v) Social Platform

Having a professional Social Profile on platforms like Naukri, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc., is significant for all Working Professionals in the 21st century. Career Counsellors should also maintain a platform where potential clients (students, graduates, workers) can find them and avail of their services.


Career Counselling is a profession and structured process that is applied to attain career growth and development. It is becoming well known in India as many career-oriented individuals understand the significance and benefits of using this intervention.








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