8 Tips to Recite Poetry Like a Poet!

Reading poetry like a poet is an art in itself that can add soul to the poem.

Reading a poem correctly can enrich the experience of listening and writing a poem, and can amuse your audience.

There are a lot of beautifully written poems such as,  but their beauty largely depends on their recitation.

If you are a poet, a YouTuber, or a student who is given the task of reciting a poem in front of an audience, you should know some tips for reciting a poem.

In this article, we will discuss some tips which will enable you to read a poem just like a poet.

So, let’s start with it!

1. Read Slowly

The first rule is to read the poem slowly. Feel every word of the poem, and read it loud and clear for your audience.

A lot of people read poems just like prose. They read swiftly without pausing or feeling words written in it.

But, poems are different. Every word contains value and meaning so all words should be articulated clearly to the audience.

2. Pronounce Every Word Correctly

You should focus on your pronunciation before reciting the poem to the audience.

For it, give a glance at the poem and highlight difficult words from it. Check the pronunciation of it, and practice the pronunciation before reciting a poem.

With pronunciation, you should also look at the meaning of difficult words. In this way, you will have a clear idea of what the poet is saying in the verse.

3. Pause where is necessary

A lot of people do the mistake of pausing after every line in the poem. They think this pause will make their reciting poem more appealing, but it is not true.

You should follow the punctuation marks present in the poem and should pause according to them.

If there is a comma in the verse, you should take a brief pause in reading the poem.

If there is a full stop, you should pause at that line.

Pausing according to the punctuation marks will uplift reciting poem experience.

4. Remain Relaxed

You should remain relaxed while reciting the poem and should keep your voice normal.

A lot of times people get nervous and their pitch gets raised which can ruin the fun of listening to poetry.

So, you should take a deep sigh to relax your nerves before reciting the poem.

In this way, your voice will remain normal and clear for your audience.

5. Memorize the Poem

It is best to memorize the poem you are going to recite in front of your audience. Try to stick the poem to your memory as much as you can before going in front of the audience.

In this way, there are fewer chances that you will commit mistakes while reciting it.

But, if you are unable to memorize it, try to practice it as much as you can before reciting it.

Read it aloud again and again so that you can get familiarized with the poem.

6. Adopt the tone of the poem

Try to speak in the voice of the poem so that it can have an impact on your audience.

For example, if the poem is about a father, try to make your tone affectionate. If the poem is about grief, try to make your tone gloomy.

So, check the characters and theme of the poem, think about which type of time will be suitable for it, and adopt that tone.

7. Listen to other Poets

YouTube, Spotify, and Podcasts are full of different poets reciting their poems.

You should listen to different poets on these platforms and try to mimic them while reciting the poem.

If you will practice reading the poem while playing that poem on audio, it will enhance your reading poem skills.

8. Choose your favorite poem

You should choose your favorite poem or genre. Choose a poem that you enjoy or can relate to it.

In this way, your emotions will get involved while reading the poem and will make it appealing to the ears of your audience.

Wrap Up

These are eight tips that you should keep in your mind while reading a poem in front of an audience.

You can do effective social media marketing of your poetry by reciting it perfectly.

It is an art that you can master if you will practice, and take care of the poem’s tone and pronunciation.

Remain relaxed while reading a poem, and listen to other poets so that you can learn the rules of poem recitation.

Do follow these eight reciting steps and enhance the beauty of your poem.

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