How to Choose the Best Software for Your Salon in 2024

In 2024, software will become an integral part of beauty salon operations as it ensures efficiency and optimization of business processes. As technology advances and the number of beauty salons grows, software is becoming a key tool for salon management and customer engagement. Automating processes allows salons to complete tasks faster and more accurately, which improves customer service.

Criteria for choosing salon software

Functionality: The salon software should have the necessary set of features to manage the salon. For example, customer record management, merchandise accounting, staff management, etc.

Ease of use: It is important that the software should be simple and easy to understand for the salon staff. This will reduce training time and increase efficiency.

Integration with other systems: If the salon already has other systems such as CRM or merchandise accounting system, the software should be integrated with them.

Data security: The software should protect customer and salon employee data from leakage and unauthorized access.

Customer Support: It is important that the software has a good customer support team that can help in case of problems or questions.

Price: The cost of the software should be acceptable to the salon and not exceed its budget.

The following steps should be followed when selecting salon software

Step 1: Determine your needs. Before you start looking for software, determine what features you need. This will help you narrow down your search and choose the most appropriate software.

Step 2. Evaluate the functionality. Make sure the software you choose has all the features you need to manage your cabin. Pay attention to ease of use, integration with other systems and data security.

Step 3: Read reviews. Read reviews of your chosen software to get the opinions of other users. This will help you understand how user-friendly the program is and what its shortcomings are.

Step 4- Test the software. Before making a decision, try working with the selected software in test mode. This will allow you to evaluate the usability of the program and its functionality.

DIKIDI – the best software for your salon in 2024

DIKIDI is a software designed to automate the work of beauty salons, medical centers and other service businesses. 

It provides the ability to manage customer records, account for goods, work with staff and analyze the efficiency of the salon. DIKIDI has a simple and clear interface, which allows you to quickly get used to the program. 

One of the features of DIKIDI is integration with other systems, such as CRM and goods accounting systems. Data security is ensured by the use of modern encryption methods. DIKIDI offers quality user support, which will help to solve arising questions and problems. 

The cost of DIKIDI depends on the selected tariff and can vary from 450 to 2100 rubles per month. In general, DIKIDI is the best software for those who want to automate the work of their salon and improve the quality of customer service in 2024.

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