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What Is The Average Cost Of Seo In New York City? Can You Get Cheap Seo And Succeed?

One of the biggest struggles that small business owners have when encountering SEO for the first time is the cost. Unlike most industries, the prices that SEO agencies charge for their services can vary dramatically. This can be a source of much confusion (and frustration).

With that in mind, what is the average cost of SEO in New York City? And can you get cheap SEO and succeed?

Read on and let’s find out…

What is the average cost of SEO in New York City?

Working out the average cost of SEO in New York City is difficult given that there are so many different agencies each charging wildly different prices. Take the following numbers with a pinch of salt.

According to WebFX, 48% of businesses pay between $2,500 and $7,500 USD per month for their SEO services.

The average in New York is reportedly between $50 and $300 per hour.

The only trouble with averages is that they can set unrealistic expectations. No two SEO campaigns are the same and what your business requires to achieve a sustainable ROI will be very different to the next business – just as some websites require a lot more optimization in the early stages than others.

So, rather than shop on averages, you should choose different criteria (which we’ll cover shortly).

Can you get cheap SEO and succeed?

The short answer is no.

SEO is time and resource intensive and if an SEO agency can afford to charge you a very cheap monthly cost, there’s a reason for it (and that reason is typically negative).

The fact is, no reputable and well-established SEO with a history of delivering superior results is cheap – by no stretch of the imagination.

If you pay cheap prices you get cheap results. Facts.

Again, rather than shop around on price, consider the following criteria when looking for SEO services in New York City

Choose an SEO agency with social proof and case studies

The best way to gauge an SEO agency is not by the average cost of SEO in NYC, or how much they charge per month for their services, but on their reputation and results.

  • How many 5-star reviews do they have? The more positive reviews from their previous and existing clients the better.
  • How many case studies do they have? If an SEO agency can provide you with real-life success stories with actual figures, then it is clear that they can help you achieve similar success.

Final thoughts: There’s no such thing as cheap SEO

The reality is, there’s no such thing as cheap SEO, only a waste of money. Cheap SEO means poor quality links from fake websites and low-value content marketing strategies bound for minimal results.

If you want to outshine your competitors and establish a sustainable ROI, you need to invest in a high quality SEO firm with a reputation for excellence.

Social proof and case studies = a greater shot at success. Buoc Chan Lang Tham Nguyen Si Kha • Rainy Day Memories • 2023

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