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Does Content Marketing Come Under Digital Marketing?

The use of content marketing for business is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for centuries. Even John Deere gave away a free magazine a few years ago, despite the fact that he wasn’t aware of its effect on his business. But this practice exemplifies what content marketing is all about. Creating and sharing useful content on a regular basis can encourage engagement, spreading a message, and even generating sales.

While there are a number of different forms of content creation, the most effective uses of content marketing are centered around a user’s needs. As such, content marketing should serve a goal – not just a brand’s promotion. Some businesses use content marketing to increase brand awareness, while others use it to become thought leaders or appear on page one of search engine rankings. Regardless of its method, it’s vital to define a clear goal before starting a content marketing campaign. It’s a bit of trial and error, but content marketing will propel your business forward.

Content marketing is different from many of the other forms of digital marketing. It builds trust, whereas other methods focus on driving specific action from the initial impression. A properly funded content marketing campaign can take a long time to start, but the results are significant. If executed correctly, a content marketing campaign can generate huge amounts of revenue over time, it can pay off enormously in the long run. The long-term effects of content marketing can be significant, but other forms of digital marketing are more immediate.

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