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Digital Marketing Tools to Grow The Agency 

Digital Marketing is very effective for all types of industries. It connects the businesses with their customers when they are online. It is a vast field that includes engaging customers with social media, search platforms, emails, content marketing, and further. Almost 51% of the customers research the product on the internet before actually purchasing it. Ottawa Web Design Companies offers services and creates websites that help in running the website easily on various devices. It enhances the user experience by giving mobile-friendly websites.

Digital Marketing Tools  

To boost marketing strategies, there are certain tools that can make things easier. To drive traffic to a particular website and to retain its customers, digital marketers depend upon various tools. Those tools are designed in such a manner that they keep things organized and allow you to make necessary changes whenever needed. With marketing cheap seo services uk tools, you can execute proper strategy in the correct manner. Some of the digital marketing tools are –

1) Mail chimp: Mail chimp is an email marketing service. It is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. It helps customers to start and grow their businesses with smart marketing techniques.

2) Google Analytics: Google Analytics collects data from your websites and apps to prepare a report and to provide insight into your business. For example, it helps us to see where the traffic comes from so that we can adjust our future strategy.

3) Hubspot: Hubspot is the software for inbound marketing sales and customer services. It is a tool for search engine optimization, customer support, content management, web analytics, and landing pages.

4) Canva: Canva is a design platform that allows us to create a variety of graphics. It is a sophisticated platform that makes design elements simple.

It also provides videos, infographics, and graphic animations.

5) Loom: Loom is a screen recording tool that allows you to record audio and videos. It is used for general overviews, teaching students, and software product walkthroughs.

6) Ahrefs – Ahrefs is the most suggested SEO tool online. It highlights the part of the website that needs improvement to rank better in the search engine. It also helps in finding out the most linked content, fixing the broken links, and the best-performing pages of the website. 

7)  – One of the most advanced landing page platform tools is Instapage. This page maximizes advertising conversions for digital advertisers. It also provides six separate products together with SBM and enterprise functions. For getting more conversions, there are no penalties.


Digital Marketing is compelling and cost-efficient. Ottawa Marketing Agency provides performance services to businesses online so that they can access various media platforms. The tools used in digital marketing help us to save time. Under this, it is easily identified that the communication targets the right audience and the global reach. Learning these tools is fairly easy and gives the business a great design for its content. 

There are different type of business that requires different marketing strategies. For example, B2B business requires a totally different strategy than B2C local business. Digital Marketing tools help the business to adapt and change the marketing strategy according to the needs of the business.

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