What is 1 1/2 handicap? Betting masters’ winning experience

Handicap 1 1/2 is the bet that many people choose when participating in football betting on this site The big difference in strength between the teams makes it easier for players to analyze the match results. So how can you win this bet regularly while playing? Follow the following information to understand the odds and learn from the professional betting experience.

Introduction: What is 1 1/2 handicap?

Although this is a popular bet, not everyone understands and knows how to play this bet. So what is the 1 1/2 handicap? Is it simple to play and when does it win?

This bet is also known as the one and a half handicap according to the ratio of the Asian handicap. To put it simply, this is a bet where two teams have a difference in strength.

The bookie will use this ratio to balance the match outcome or bet amount. Accordingly, the team that is judged to have the stronger strength will accept the weaker team with 1.5 left for the match. It sounds complicated, but the gameplay is not as difficult as many people think. This bet will have the following cases when you place a bet:

    • If the handicap team wins the handicap team with a 2 goal difference, then the people who chose the above bet will win and eat the entire bet.
    • If the handicap team only wins by a difference of 1 goal, those who choose the above bet will lose all their bets. Those who choose the lower bet will win and receive a bonus according to the odds.
    • If the two teams tie or the handicap team wins, those who bet on the upper hand lose, while the person who bet on the lower hand wins outright.

The experience of playing a 1 1/2 handicap should know

Many people believe that winning football bets is purely due to luck. However, according to the share of long-time players and players, winning bets is completely based on the skills and experience of the players. In particular, the experiences that bring high efficiency can be mentioned as:

    • Check the match before deciding to bet
    • The “bloody” experience of those who went before is to never bet based on feelings and luck. Make quick bets and rely on analysis to predict the outcome of the match.
    • Before the match takes place, you need to take the time to learn the relevant information. starting lineups, head coach, injury situation, recent results, current weather, venue, etc. These factors will help you make more accurate predictions when you have the option.
    • Examine the house to make an accurate assessment of the 1 1/2 handicap.
    • Before each match, the bookie will provide a table of odds for players to refer to and choose bets. Accordingly, players need to analyze fluctuations in the house odds to be able to choose the appropriate betting option.
    • You need to make sure you have carefully checked with reputable bookmakers and applied winning tips when placing bets. If the initial handicap is 1 1/2, but when the match takes place, this handicap is reduced, it should be very careful.

Besides, if the bottom team does not have a lot of losses, their performance is always stable and has certain potential. In particular, if the match takes place at home and the team is weak, then when choosing a bet, you need to analyze it carefully. If the upper-door team is not strong enough to destroy the opponent, it is best not to risk choosing the upper door.

Choose the right time to bet when participating in the 1 1/2 handicap

Many players often have a rush to choose according to the crowd or choose their favorite team. However, this often leads to mistakes and losses in bets when playing.

According to experience from the players, you should regularly review the odds about 2 hours before the match takes place. If the odds are too volatile, consider this before choosing a betting outlet.

Many players, when they see the house offering the odds, quickly place their bets, so it is impossible to predict the fluctuations in the odds when the match takes place. Therefore, always stay alert and patient in the selection process.

Join groups to learn from other players

Football always has surprises regarding match results. Therefore, it is not enough to rely on winning tips and expert judgments. You need to consult with other players when choosing a 1 1/2 handicap.

For those who have gone before and experienced many failures when betting and in the analysis process, there are many winning tips when playing. They will have more experience of identifying information and making predictions with a high rate of accuracy.

Bettingers should pay attention to limit the risk

You will learn a lot of “valuable” things from them, and at the same time, avoid the mistakes that the previous person made. However, develop your own style of play and don’t rely too heavily on others.Because that information is for reference only and you need to accumulate experience to win in the long run.

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