Top 4 Most Played Online Casino Games in 2022

The online casino offers endless enticing possibilities. Always new concepts, new attractions, and more ergonomics. But among the multitude of animations available, some are played more than others for three main reasons: the ergonomics of the game, the rate of winning, and the theme. If you want to try the games most popular with players around the world, find our selection of the best online casino games in 2022 here.

Penalty Shoot Out

The Penalty Shoot Out game is a game designed by the Evoplay publishing house. He is an influential creator in the industry because of the number of attractions he markets. In addition, gamers particularly appreciate its reliability. Penalty Shoot Out is a football game as its name probably suggests. From the beginning, the player finds himself facing a goalkeeper. From then on, he has five (5) rounds to prove his skills and win or lose. The goal, as with any football game, is to score against the goalkeeper. If you win, you walk away with 1.92 x your bet. Interesting?

Slot machine

The slot machine is an excellent online casino game. It is also approved by the national gaming authority. As its name suggests, to play it, the player must first put money into the device. Then, he will have to choose the number of chips he wishes to bet. Thirdly, he presses the roller to start the spin. The object of the game is for the player to get a winning combination when the reel stops. Today you can find a wide variety of slot games. And for your information, สล็อตเว็บตรง have continued to grow in popularity in the last year or two.

Video poker

Video poker is a game similar to online poker. To play it, the first thing to do is to opt for a machine. Most people prefer Joker Wild or Wild Deuces because they offer excellent payout rates. The second thing to do will be to start the game by introducing money into the machine. After that, the player has five (5) cards dealt by the machine. Then, he will make several combinations with the cards offered to win the game or unfortunately lose it.


Blackjack is a card game that is also played in online casinos. It takes place between the bank represented by a croupier and the player. At the level of the latter, a console is installed to give him the hand and allow him to set up his game. The objective is to beat him. And to do this, the player must collect as many points as possible without exceeding the number twenty-one (21). You should know that this game is also played by several people. The winner is the one who comes out with the most points. The rule remains the same. None of the players must exceed twenty-one (21) points.

If you are a beginner, betting on popular games can minimize your risk. They are popular for many reasons. One of them is a bigger chance of winning, even for beginners! Hopefully, this article was informative.

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