Telltale Signs That You Hired a Bad Personal Injury Attorney

What’s the first step in any legal process? That’s right, hiring a good attorney. But trust us when we tell you, most often than not, people end up with bad lawyers, which costs them their savings, time, and effort. In this blog, we will go through some of the signs that indicate you hired a bad attorney. Want to work with an experienced attorney? Go for one with positive testimonials. Here is a list of red flags to keep a lookout for:

Your lawyer doesn’t pick up your calls:

We get it, not everyone will be available every time, but if your call mostly goes unanswered, that’s a bad sign. The attorney needs to set clear boundaries or schedules regarding the window of time within which you will be able to reach them. Even if they are unable to answer the call, they should get to you once they can.

Uncertainty about the charges:

When you first consult an attorney, they should be able to give you a proper idea of the amount and means of payment. If the attorney is keeping you hanging, chances are they will give you a bill later on that will require you to break the bank.

Doesn’t listen to you:

If the attorney behaves like a know-it and doesn’t pay attention to you when you voice your concerns, that’s a bad sign. You are in a legal pickle because of a reason, and if they don’t give you a lending ear there’s no point in working with them. 

The attorney is too sure about a win:

If this is the kind of attitude your attorney display, they are probably way overconfident. While we understand attorneys with loads of experience are somewhat supposed to be confident, they should know where to draw the line. The truth is, there is never a hundred percent guarantee of a win. So, make sure that the attorney is not trying to lead you on. 

Not attentive:

Does your attorney tend to mix your case with someone else’? It’s a sign that they are not very attentive to you or your case. You are better off without an attorney like that.

Final thoughts:

In case you are going through a situation in which any of the above mentions things are happening, it’s about time you reconsider the attorney you want to work with. Pay attention to your instinct, and look for a better attorney. 

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