What are the Causes of Anxiety?

Anxiety is quite normal in our busy life as everyone gets anxious and feels restless and frazzled. Still, if anyone constantly feels worried and tense, they may have an anxiety disorder. These anxiety disorders involve more than temporary fear and worries; if a person is anxious, it will not go anywhere, and that can worsen over time. Therefore, doctors diagnose generalized anxiety disorders, known as GAD, when a patient has anxiety symptoms such as worrying, sleep imbalance, fatigue etc. 

Also, some research has shown that a combination of environmental and genetic factors likely increases a patient’s risk of developing any anxiety disorder. Nowadays, every person is facing anxiety in their life, which is causing a lot of problems, and all of these tensions are creating many more health issues for them by which their value of life is becoming lower.

As all these tensions and anxiety corrupt our humanity and lifestyle, many individuals are making bad decisions that are running their and their parent’s life. Therefore, one must follow anxiety medication on the counter, which one can control.

Heart problems can cause anxiety 

  • If someone ever had a panic attack, they are familiar with how their hands get calmly, they cannot catch their breath, and their heart feels like it will come out right from their chest. 
  • So while we cannot compare a panic attack with a heart attack, as these are not the same, there is a deep relation between anxiety and heart problems. 
  • Most people now face GAD daily, but the incidence is much higher in those diagnosed with coronary artery disease or heart failure. 
  • Some evidence shows that anxiety can be brought up after a heart attack or stroke.
  • The connection is going in both ways; the people who have ever experienced long-term anxiety may have experienced increased heart rate and high blood pressure, all of which can lead to many heart problems.

Alcohol and drugs can cause anxiety 

There is a very strong link between anxiety and drugs; some research has shown that people with anxiety disorders are two to three times more likely to have problems with alcohol and drugs at some point in their lives than the population, but that is not all alcohol and drugs can often cause some panic attacks according to the research of anxiety and depression association of United States of America. 

People also have social anxiety in some terms that may turn to drugs to lessen their symptoms, but drugs and alcohol can make the anxiety more badly.   

Medications can also trigger anxiety 

Some medications have some bad side effects, which can cause anxiety symptoms or an anxiety attack; that is why it is better to make medicines with a prescription to watch out for what type of drugs is involved. In addition, while if some are taking these medicines, which are included with drugs, then they will not be able to stop it suddenly as they will become addicted to it, and this process will cause anxiety or an anxiety attack.

Some form of the medication has the adverse effect on the person who is facing with anxiety. This will provide a no relief to people. There are various online sites that give detail of the impact of medication. A person can Visit this website and get the detail.

Supplements also have side effects of anxiety 

Many of the weight loss and other supplements come with anxiety-producing side effects which may cause anxiety to you as because of; it this is well said by someone to take all your supplements under the guidance of a well-trained coach or fitness influencer; they will guide beginners properly on what type of supplements will suit their body type which will not provide them with any type of side effects and give them sound effect also this will lower down the risk of anxiety which is caused with the intake of these health and fat loss supplements.

Stress will make anxiety worsen 

Anxiety and stress go hand in hand stress can be the main reason for someone’s anxiety symptoms, and this can make their stress worse for them when someone is overly tense. They may also turn to other behaviours that make their anxiety worse, such as taking drugs and smoking; all this will make their stress and anxiety at their peak. After that, they will have serious health issues, so to avoid it, one must take anxiety medication over the counter.

Not sure if your symptoms are related to panic attacks or general anxiety? Check out the infographic below!

Infographic created by MD Infusions, a Northbrook ketamine clinic

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