Dedicated Servers: UltaHost is the best option in USA and Germany

For most small businesses or personal brands, a VPS server is a good, cheap solution to a sustainable internet presence and website building. However like other things in a business, growth can only come from scalability and at a certain point, the requirements increase to where a VPS simply cannot suffice. At that point what do you, as a website owner, do? There are not a lot of options and changing your web hosting provider can be a huge inconvenience both to you and your business.

Thankfully, there are quite a few solutions that you can implement. The best and most efficient way to go about this is to upgrade to a dedicated server server. What is a dedicated server? you may ask. A Dedicated Server is a physical web server that you are granted virtual access to remotely. The entire power and performance of this web server is at your disposal, unlike its cheaper and slower counterpart the VPS which divides a physical web server into several smaller, virtual web servers thereby limiting their performance. So why exactly would you need to use a dedicated server instead of a VPS?

A website user can have many different types of needs. A VPS is good enough to handle a blog, a small-sized business website or maybe even a little bit of multimedia. However, when you enter in the field with the big boys where social networks, cloud computing and applications and larger businesses come into play, you have got to invest in the necessary power to sustain them. Web hosting that requires a lot of competent hardware as well as zero dependencies and points of failure will be served best on a dedicated server. Now that we have that out of the discussion, we will move on to discussing the technical aspects and advantages of a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is extremely flexible in its architecture (not physically) which makes its only limitation its hardware. There is even a solution to this, in the form of upgrading the hardware components of said dedicated server although very rarely do web hosting providers allow this facility. Needless to say, you can possibly avail this facility so you don’t have to worry about switching your hosting provider because they cannot serve you properly anymore. This could potentially lead to a huge loss for a business that depends on its website for providing services as it temporarily puts your website out of action. So, for scalability, a dedicated server server is the way to go!

Then there is the added benefit of security when it comes to dedicated server hosting. Although a dedicated server server can deploy the same security safeguards that a VPS can, there are a few foolproof mechanisms that give a dedicated server the edge. For starters, since a dedicated server runs entirely as your server it also allows you more control over it so you can configure the firewalls and security settings according to your requirements. Moreover, since there are no other hosting partners involved unlike in a VPS subscription, if you make the efforts to secure your website, the lack of potential exploits and chinks that would’ve possibly been present in a VPS would make a dedicated server a lot more secure than a VPS.

Considering all the use cases and benefits of a dedicated server, there are a few options to take your web hosting to the next level, from the very best hosting provider on the market; UltaHost! When you are getting a dedicated server server, it is a costly purchase and as a result you would want all the boxes to be ticked. UltaHost offers premium high-quality dedicated servers in the most optimal locations across Europe and North America. Let’s take a look at some of their dedicated server options.

UltaHost offers a premium, top of the line dedicated server in USA to its users. What exactly is it about a USA dedicated server that makes it so special? It should come as no surprise that the USA is among the biggest internet markets in the world, especially when it comes to internet businesses. The largest e-commerce giants of the world like Amazon, Etsy and ebay to name a few are all based in the USA. Consequently, there are more people in the USA that are interested in shopping from e-commerce stores compared to other parts of the world. If you are networking any type of product to people in the USA, you absolutely have to get a US dedicated server server for your business. 

There are two things this will do. It will exponentially improve the loading speed, responsiveness and overall performance of your website when users visit it from the USA or a nearby area like Canada. Secondly, it will allow your website to have a USA IP address which is not only a symbol of trust for your customer but also allows you to achieve better advertisement results and reach through social media and search engine platforms. This will inevitably boost your click-rate that can definitely help to add value to your business. However, things can be quite different. Maybe you do not have an audience or customer base in the USA or North America, but, instead in Europe. 

Europe is a more populated continent than North America and as a result a larger number of customers needs to be served. Enter UltaHost’s outstanding dedicated server in Germany! Their dedicated servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and offer best in class performance. They come standard with NVMe SSD storage, Intel Xeon chipsets, daily automated backups, 24/7 free technical support and advanced tools like SSH and SFTP Access! All these features are standard on the USA servers as well. To top it all off, UltaHost offers the most competitive pricing, some of which beats the competitors with poorer hardware and more expensive plans. So what are you waiting for? Pick your Dedicated Server now!

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