Hosting a Guys-night

It’s been a long time since you and your best buddies have had a Guys-night only. So, what do you do, when having the boys coming over? How do you secure the best evening ever and what do you serve for your guests? It’s safe to say that most women usually enjoy making all sorts of preparations and planning, but if you feel like you need a bit of some inspiration, you can read along while we give you some tips. 

Planning the night

When it’s guys-night only you can secure the best night ever with snacks, beers, and football. Together you can go and check out europa league picks to place your bets, crossing your fingers and hope that you will get lucky. 

Football and snacks

When watching football, you will need to provide the ultimate best snacks. Of Course you will be needing beers and chips, but why not spice it up with some sour cream and onion dipping? You will need a lot of it and remember to cool down the beers a few hours before the guys come over. But don’t spill on your carpet, otherwise you might have to get hold of a carpet cleaning service.  


It’s time for steaks without salad – if you are that type of guy. Make yourself a grocery list and head down to the nearest mall. If you make yourself a grocery-list before you leave the house, you will save yourself a lot of time. Consider which type of meat you want to serve to your guests, it can be anything from a juicy steak to devil’s bones. 

Food accessories

If you are not so much into salad but still want to serve greens, you can consider making some roasted carrots on a pan covered in thyme and butter. Potatoes have always been a good accessory to meat, which you can make in all kinds of ways. If you want to save yourself some time, there is no harm in buying frozen potatoes to put in the oven. 

Card games and traditions

After having dinner, you can have a lot of fun playing several different card games. If you do not know which game to play, we recommend Poker, which is always a great game to play. You can also get yourself a dartboard or even a pool board. 

Look at it like an investment – in yourself, but also in spending time with your best friends. If you do so, you might even make this guys-night a long-lasting tradition.

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