What Makes A Beer Great? 

Beer has been a popular beverage for millions of people throughout the ages, and although sales had taken something of a downturn in recent years, in the wake of the COVID-19 health pandemic, sales of beer shot back up through the roof. 

Growing the fastest of any alcoholic beverage category, including wines and spirits, following some years of decline in sales, beer is back in popular demand, and continues to experience steady growth. Driving this demand is the popularity of artisanal and craft beers, some of which could easily be contenders for the best beer in the world. With consumers showing more of an interest in beers with unique flavor profiles, the surge in popularity of beer in general, has seen more and more local and small-scale breweries pop up all over the world. 

What do consumers look for in a great beer?

Quality and taste are two factors most consumers value nowadays, compared to days of old when it was simply a cheap drink that was readily available to everyone, even the very poorest. 

Modern breweries experiment frequently with a variety of different ingredients and techniques for brewing, in search of unique beers with distinct flavor profiles that will appeal to a wider consumer range; a trend especially prominent in the craft beer industry.

Also working in beer’s favor, is the fact that more people are understanding the health benefits of drinking it in moderation, particularly craft beers. Seen as being a healthier alternative to beers produced en masse, they’re brewed using ingredients that are natural, and without the addition of preservatives or artificial additives. 

Beer and localism

A trend that has outlasted the health pandemic of recent years, localism continues to be promoted globally, as people face cost-of-living crises coupled with rising rates of inflation. Economic uncertainty and disruption geopolitically have forced more people to find a sense of belonging in the environment that surrounds them, encouraging to buy local, and support local. For the makers of beer, this trend towards localism gives them an unmissable opportunity to reconsider the ingredients they use, and place a greater emphasis on product traceability. 

Regional flavors and authentic methods and recipes, can truly shine when sourced locally by beer makers, giving them a chance to embed themselves in the communities that they’re based in. 

Is demand for great beer set to continue?

In short, yes. Consumers are showing no signs of backing away from locally sourced and produced fresh beers, in fact, they are consistently choosing craft beers over mass produced ones, helping to make them the world’s most popular type of beer. 

While consumers are still buying from the big brands, many more are buying craft beers online or signing up for subscriptions with local breweries. That said, while craft and artisanal beers are increasingly becoming the beer of choice for consumers, placing one of them in within the category of top 10 best beer in the world, is nigh on impossible, as so many different brews and brands exist. 

It would seem that a great beer for today’s consumers, is one that is sourced locally, has a distinct and enjoyable flavor profile, and is produced in smaller quantities with fewer additive and preservatives.

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