Following Heat Safety By Investing in the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable Air Conditioner

In 2022, the weather has become increasingly hot, with people all around the globe experiencing the rise in temperatures. There has been a major change to the climate, and in order to combat these changes, there must be major steps taken throughout the globe. However, as these steps do not seem to be happening immediately, temperatures will continue to rise, leading to people needing to keep cool to protect themselves from heat related sickness. There are a variety of ways to keep cool in the hot weather, but one of the most important is to invest in a portable air conditioner that can help to keep you safe. There are numerous models on the market in 2022, but in order to provide the best experience with the highest quality power and portability, it is critical to invest in the zero breeze mark 2. This unit has been praised for its extreme power in keeping you cool year round, while simultaneously being able to be brought anywhere on the go. This is extremely important, as you need to keep cool from the heat outside of your home as well.

Keeping Cool No Matter the Weather

During the hottest times of the year, and even times like the fall and spring that used to be cooler, it is imperative to ensure that you never fall ill to heat-related illnesses. These can have detrimental effects on your health, and the best way to ensure that you are always safe is by staying cool with your Mark 2. The unit has the capacity to lower the temperature by up to 30 degrees below the outdoor temperature, which is extremely useful. You will also be able to utilize add-on features like a temperature gauge, sleep mode, dump protection, and cold air extension pipes.  

Enhancing Portability with the Mark 2

While power is certainly one of the top reasons to invest in the zero breeze, its advanced portability is also of the utmost importance. Major portability is built-in to the zero breeze, as it weighs just 16 pounds, which is significantly lighter than similar models, which will ensure that you are always able to lift and carry your unit no matter where you are. This includes camping, hiking, boating, and RV adventures! Along with its easy to carry frame, you will also be able to bring your unit with you and keep it charged all day due to its 5 hour smart battery life with a micro inverter compressor. You can also charge it on the go, as it is equipped with top-tier wall charging capabilities, an option to utilize your car’s charging port, and even a solar panel extension hookup, which allows for further carbon footprint diminishing. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the best outdoor experience during all times of year is imperative, and utilizing the zero breeze mark 2 will allow this to become a reality. Seeing the numerous portability and power functions in action will allow you to see its utility throughout your life.

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