Experts highlight key technology trends for 2022

Arrival of 5G in capitals, accelerated digital transformation in organizations, consolidation of technological tools for hybrid work, expansion of the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The year 2022 promises to be another year of many advances and innovations. Proof of this appears in the study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), which points out that more than half of the global economy is expected to be based or influenced by digital in 2022. It also shows that 70% of all companies will have accelerated the use of digital technologies this year.

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Among other trends, video content is growing much faster. HIgh demand on short-form videos caused huge popularity of video platforms like TikTok. TikTok became the safest place for online marketers and influencers who are trying to generate income by partnering with brands. If you plan on starting a TikTok career and earning money by creating content, don’t forget to purchase TikTok followers to reach a larger audience.

But, after all, which technologies should be protagonists in 2022? We listen to the opinion of experts in the field of technology in different segments to point out which solutions and innovations will stand out. Check out the main trends below:

Health: 5G

The pandemic accelerated the use of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and teleservice in the health area. For 2022, the expectation is that these solutions will be consolidated, mainly with the implementation of 5G. For Gean Pereira, head of Innovation at healthtech Zitrus, the new technology will accelerate existing solutions, streamlining diagnoses and making treatments more assertive, in addition to allowing the dissemination of devices to monitor the health of patients and immediately trigger health services. . “5G will guarantee even more quality and access to teleconsultations. This advance in connection will improve the entire health care experience, which will offer a more personalized, integrated follow-up and patients will take the lead in this process”, he adds.

Retail: Management Software and Mobile Cash Front

Mobile checkout is a trend focused on optimizing the consumer experience. The general idea involves replacing a physical cashier with a mobile device with software that integrates point of sale, means of payment and issuance of invoices, which eliminates queues. “Without having to limit themselves behind the cashiers, all employees can focus on the needs of each customer, monitoring the entire service cycle — from arrival at the store to making the purchase”, explains João Gustavo Pompeo, CEO of Eyemobile, a technology company for physical and digital sales. With the mobile POS, the team also has information at their fingertips, being able to clarify doubts and make recommendations and offers based on registered data and history.

With the objective of streamlining access to documents and integrating services, management software that greatly facilitates the entrepreneur’s life will also be among the highlights of next year in the retail area. “This is the case of tools such as Clipp360, for example, which in addition to speeding up administrative processes, facilitates business management — which can be done from anywhere and at any time. needs, bringing simple and easy-to-use resources”, explains Marcio Bellini, Director of Development at Compufour Zucchetti.

Franchises: Centralization of communication

The management of a franchisor with its franchisees and employees is influenced according to the management and communication methodology used, especially when it comes to a large network with capillarity and operations in different regions. Guilherme Reitz, CEO of retail tech Yungas, explains that, in general, large franchises use different applications and extensions to communicate and monitor the business, but they do not fully address the particularities of each operation. This situation is reflected throughout the franchising market and, by 2022, major brands will increasingly invest in processes that can understand the needs of partners and make the exchange of information clearer and more objective. “Communication done strategically, for example,

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