Body Pillows For Physical And Mental Health!

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep will help the body quickly restore energy after a long tired day.  Each person has different methods to help them feel relaxed and sleep better.

 Few people know that  using our body pillows has many benefits for deep relaxation and healthy sleep:

1. Body pillows improve blood circulation

According to a research scientist from the University of Michigan (USA), sleeping with a pillow between your legs will limit pressure on the veins, increase blood circulation, and help in the postoperative period. In addition, such a dream helps strengthen the immune system, minimize the risk of heart disease, reduce fatigue and stress and prevent varicose veins. 

2. Body pillows help prevent snoring

Hold a long pillow between your legs and get into a comfortable sleeping position to help you relax and feel more comfortable.

Did you know that sleeping position affects snoring? For example, when you lie on your back during sleep, your mouth opens, and the airflow of the respiratory system cannot circulate evenly when breathing, which leads to snoring.

Remember:  A large full-body pillow will ensure you a healthy sleep along with right choice of mattress pad, and to extend its life, you need to remember simple rules for care.

According to American scientists, sleeping on the left side is the best position to fight snoring.  However, in this position, without a special pillow for a long time, the knees and back are subjected to more pressure, you get tired during the night, and do not get enough sleep when you wake up.  A long hugging pillow placed between your legs will help you relax and feel more comfortable throughout the night.

3. The body pillow helps keep your spine in a straight position.

According to Healthline, sleeping with a pillow between your legs helps keep your spine straight and relieves pressure on your hips and lower back.  Also, when you lie on your back while sleeping, you can place a pillow under your lower back.  

Orthopedic long-body pillows were originally developed in rehabilitation medicine to treat diseases of different parts of the spine. Now such pillows are more often used for preventive purposes, help with insomnia problems, provide good sleep, and support the head, spinal and cervical regions.

If you are thinking about a body pillow washing experience, know this guide about how to wash a body pillow.

4. Body pillow Helps Reduce Knee and Back Pain

If you often suffer from back or knee pain, why not try our long-body pillow between your legs while you sleep?  The body pillow will act as a support for maximum relaxation and excellent pain relief.  You can put a pillow under your knees when you sleep on your back.

The University of Rochester Medical Center, the cradle of world-class scientific research, shows that lying on your back while you sleep and throwing a pillow under your knees not only helps relieve leg pain but also relieves pressure on your spine. 

5. Body pillows improve emotional background

The hugging pillow during sleep provides a feeling of psychological security, safety, and comfort.

Stephanie Zilberman, a Florida-based licensed clinical psychologist and certified sleep specialist said, “The body pillow can help users feel relieved, relaxed, and put all fears out of their heads when falling asleep.”.

In other words, when you sleep, a body pillow helps you feel more comfortable and also helps you release more of the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that has the ability to reduce stress and improve memory.

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