The Best Fashion Rings for Your Everyday Look

Ring styles can be as varied as the people who wear them. Sure, you can wear some rings for a special reason: engagement rings, for example. But sometimes you only want to wear the prettiest ring there is. And there are times when you want to dress up or dress down.

Fashion rings are an enjoyable way to express oneself through jewelry. People often use fashion rings to ramp up their everyday looks. But, even so, you still need to make sure you’re wearing the best ones.

If you’re looking for fashion ring ideas to go with your everyday outfit, this article is for you. We’re going to cover the best fashion rings that might actually be in your price range. But before we dive into that, let’s take a further look at what fashion rings are.

Fashion Rings: What Are They and How Do You Wear One?

Fashion rings are pieces of jewelry that people wear for fashion purposes. Some people also wear them as part of their everyday outfits. Most of these rings feature unique patterns and designs that you can’t find in other jewelry like engagement and wedding rings. That’s what makes them suitable for casual occasions and everyday outfits.

But you don’t just go over your fashion ring collection and pick whichever. It has to be a good match with your overall look. Fashion rings go with just about anything, from jeans and a t-shirt to full-on dresses. But remember that jewelry can make or break your outfit, even casual ones.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a fashion ring, including: 

  • Your engagement ring

Engagement rings are special pieces of jewelry that signify your love for your partner. That’s why most people wear them every day. They come in different shapes and styles, so get one that fits you best.

Whatever style you choose, all engagement rings are beautiful when worn on their own. But, if you’re going to wear fashion rings with your proposal ring, make sure that it’s a perfect match. You don’t want these rings to outshine your engagement ring. Get a set of stackable bands if you have sapphire halo ring.

  • Your lifestyle

Much like fine jewelry, the kind of fashion ring you choose to wear should be based on your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, don’t wear fashion rings with huge gemstones. Otherwise, the stone may fall off the ring.

  • Your personality

Fashion is all about showing off who you are to the world. So choose the fashion rings that symbolize your personality. If you’re outspoken and expressive, you should find rings with bold designs. If you’re the indoorsy type and love anything that is simple, try getting plain gold bands.

  • Your outfit

Your outfit has everything to do with the kind of jewelry you’ll be wearing. If you’re wearing statement outfits, go for understated fashion jewelry. If you’re wearing a minimalist or a monotone outfit, statement rings are your best choice. 

You can be flashy all you want but don’t overdo it. Remember that you’re the main focus of your whole ensemble. As long as your clothing and accessories draw attention to you, you can wear anything.

What Are the Best Fashion Rings for Your Everyday Look?

There are limitless ways in which you can accessorize your outfit with jewelry. And it’s not only about looking good in the morning. It’s also about how well you complement your outfits from day to night. Scroll down to see 8 of the best fashion rings for a polished look.

1. Stackable Rings

In the world of fashion rings, the stacking trend is one of the absolute favorites. But why does everyone adore it? Stacking your rings looks one-of-a-kind and out of the ordinary. You can also buy a set of stackable rings that you can slip on your fingers. This way, you won’t have to think about which rings go best together.

These delicate rings can go with some midi rings to create a very fashionable stacking style. They also look great with a solitaire engagement ring and other diamond styles. Just make sure that you still emphasize the diamond in your ring.

2. Enameled Rings

Silver and gold are great, but if you want to put a twist on your outfit, why not try enamel rings? These rings are not entirely made out of gold or silver metal. Enamel is melted and combined with the metal of your choice. Because of this, you can find styles with bright-colored designs.

You can also stack enamel rings with silver or gold rings, but it’s also fine to wear them on their own. These rings were popular before, so you can find antique designs of this type. There are also enamel rings with more contemporary designs.

3. Cocktail Rings

You’ve seen them: they’re bold, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind. Cocktail rings are what you know as “statement rings.” They are larger than regular fashion rings since they often feature a large gem, diamond, or metal motif. They are called statement rings because wearing one means you’re making a statement or sending a message.

You can wear cocktail rings however you like, but most prefer to wear them on their right hand. This is so that they can still show off their engagement rings on their other hand. So, if your engagement ring has a bold design, like this Sienna ring, don’t wear both rings on the same hand.

Allow your statement ring to take center stage if you want it to draw attention. Make this happen by keeping the rest of your jewelry simple.

4. Gemstone Rings

Can’t get enough of all-black or dark-colored outfits? You can add a splash of color to your outfit by wearing a gemstone or crystal ring. This is one of the primary reasons why everyone adores this look. You can refresh and jazz up the monotonous outfits you wear every day.

The beauty of gemstone rings is that you can choose your birthstone. So adding a pop of color does not always imply a bright and sparkling ring. You can always get a ring in more traditional colors such as black, gray, or blue. 

5. Signet Rings

Who says fashion rings can’t be special? Signet rings are those jewelry rings where you can put your initials or a family seal on them. They’re mostly hand-me-downs, but you can buy one that has the symbol you want. 

Signet rings represented wealth and power back then. That’s why they are expensive. These days, they can be a fashion statement, so you can find cheaper signet rings. Most people wear them alone, but you can also pair them with other jewelry like tennis bracelets. But make sure that the metal and style match. 

So if you’re going to wear diamond jewelry with signet rings, you need to know which metal goes with different types of diamonds. If you’re wearing one for your wedding, you can put the signet ring on your right hand while your wedding ring is on the other.

6. Ornate Rings

These rings add a unique statement to your everyday style. Want to rock this trend? Make sure to delve into its history.

These rings suit women who enjoy rococo-inspired fashion. It’s excellent for pairing with clothing that has intricate elements. That includes embroidery, ruffles, floral designs, and bright colors.

Wrap Up

A fashion ring is something you should buy because you like wearing it, not because someone else does. Try to consider your style before anything else. Are you drawn towards minimalism, or do you like unique pieces?

It is best to mix and match different fashion rings with different outfits. You can also add other accessories like bracelets or necklaces. To boost your look, try diamond tennis bracelets or necklaces with a diamond pendant. Remember, the secret of wearing a ring with every outfit lies in its simplicity.

So be creative with these great fashion rings. And give your fingers some extra dazzle as you show off your own style.

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