Here’s How You Can Buy The Best Designer Glasses Online

As the world is being usurped by globalizing forces across the globe, consumers are being offered with diversified and more quantified choices. This has made our world look more like a global village. People no longer need to wait for haats and mandis to take place in order to buy their needs and wants. General stores to malls have emerged as perfect shopping centers over time serving a variety of needs. 

From local producers to Multinational corporations, a variety of producers have entered markets of all kinds. Technological advancements have driven globalization like no other factor. One of the greatest products that the world has received as a result are online shopping platforms. Today anything ranging from a pen to a flour will come at your doorsteps well in time with just a click. Amongst many other commodities designer glasses are also something one can order online.

Glasses today are not just a need but also a style statement. Sunglasses look more aesthetic when worn over the head instead of the eyes, for example. People no longer call individuals wearing eyeglasses nerds. Rather, clear eyeglasses are in trend and are a go to option amongst teenagers to add to a chic look. 

Hence, it is important that one pays detailed attention when buying glasses. While most people still prefer going to an offline store, try multiple frames on their faces and choose their pair in person, online purchase of designer glasses still remains a comparatively less explored domain. Hence, we bring to you some tips and tricks that can help you find your perfect pair with just a click.

Trust Your Store

Just like every coin has two faces, so does online shopping offer both advantages and shortcomings. While convenience is a positive attribute, online scams are no secret too. Hence, the first step is to know the store you are buying from. While famous delivery apps like Amazon and Flipkart might provide you with a variety of glasses, it is always better to place your order through an app or a website that solely operates for glasses. Lenskart and Titan are two leading brands that operate both offline and online. They both have dedicated websites where one can place an order for their glasses. Quality and trust, both are assured when you place an order form a dedicated platform as activities, like tracking the product or filing complaints in case of a faulty order, become easier. You will also be guarded against any online financial scams while operating through such dedicated sites. In addition to that, online stores help cut the middlemen burden that falls on the client hence keeping the price of the product comparatively lower than an offline store, where electricity charges of the store might as well get added to your bill.

Dedicated sites have an advantage of certain features that help you navigate through the possibilities to reach your goal – your glasses. Some of them are listed below.

The Filter Tool

An eyewear website, like various others in the market, comes with a lot of filters that help the buyer weed out unwanted products right at the outset of making the purchase. They provide you filters based on age, sex, price range etc.

An age filter will usually be demarcated into eyewear for kids, adults and senior citizens. Different age groups have different requirements and hence, this filter is useful. Kids require a sturdy material frame while adults need something that looks elegant and rich. Comfort would be the utmost priority for senior citizens. Male and female are again two broad categories that come under another filter. Price filter, however, is the most used filter. It presents you exactly those products that fit in your budget. This is an escape from the shopkeeper’s strategy where they will show you a Rs. 4000 eyewear where you have asked for just a Rs. 2000 one and you would end up buying one costing Rs. 3000.

Lots of Choices

The main drawback of a physical store is that they can only present those items before you that are available with them. This is not a limitation with an online site. All the options under the sun are open for you to check from, when shopping online. From frames to lenses, a consumer will have multiple options to choose. They can choose the shape, the size, the color, the material, the power of the lens etc. Some brands even have the option of customization. This keeps both the consumer and the producer happy. The consumer gets what he/ she exactly wants while the producer wins a new design.

Enter Correct Measurements

One should have a correct prescription of the power of lenses that they are going to opt for. Pupillary distance is what you need to feed in the website/ application. Pupillary distance is the space — measured in millimeters (mm) — from the center of one pupil to another. When you need glasses, an optometrist or an optician will measure this distance to make sure your eyeglasses have the best function and fit for you. While this term might sound intimidating, trusted sites even provide you with a guide on how to measure your PD. Knowing your measurements correctly makes the process of placing an order smooth.

See Yourself

The best development in this field is probably the facility in which a 3D replica of yours will be available on screen once your picture from various angles has been fed into the system. As and when you choose a frame, your image will be shown wearing it, from all the angles. This provides a third person view to the first person himself. How amazing is that feature! The fear of ‘what if I don’t look in this frame’ is taken care of.

Return Policy 

Most brands also provide an easy return policy for reasons as simple as ‘I don’t like how the product looks on me’. However, this particular feature comes with terms and conditions. Hence, make an informed choice in the first place itself.

We hope this article has helped you know how you can buy the best designer glasses online. Don’t be afraid and place an order for the most stylish glasses ever, right away.

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