Are The Slot Bonus Picks Round Pre-Determined?

When people ask about slot machines, one of the most obvious issues they want to understand is if the bonus is pre-determined or not. Some people aren’t great fans of selecting and spinning since it’s all for the show if the outcome is pre-determined -check out Eyecon games.

You’ve been playing your favourite online video slot game, and now the pick-to-win bonus game has been activated. You look at the bonus game screen and try to guess where the best rewards are hidden by removing places or symbols.

When the slot machine reveals the additional prizes, you may be surprised that you’ve selected the three lowest cash values. Many people who play games with pick-to-win bonuses wonder if the outcomes are preset in advance. 

Your response to this question will depend on the specific online casinos you choose to play at since it has been shown through time that many slot games’ bonus rounds, especially the pick-to-win bonus features, are truly pre-determined. 

However, there is currently no reliable way to determine which software vendors supply slot games with this play structure and which do not. The only way to know which are and which aren’t is to keep track of what happens when you play several bonus game features and look at the range of what you won and what you could have won.

Bonus Game Payouts Compared

If you are a player who always keeps track of how much money you win, you could start to notice patterns in the amount of money you win in a slot game’s pick-to-win bonus round. Given this, you should be able to tell immediately if a slot has a pre-determined bonus game. 

It’s important to remember that the outcomes of the pick-to-win bonus games offered by some progressive slot machines when they are activated are not pre-determined. 

The true odds of winning a progressive jackpot are sometimes determined by the number of picks available in the bonus games screen compared to the number of jackpot-paying symbols. 

Some slots have pick-to-win bonus rounds with multiple steps. Once you choose a spot that gives you a small progressive jackpot, you move to a new screen where you hope to win the next highest progressive jackpot by finding the next symbol that pays out a progressive jackpot.

Pick-and-Win Bonus Games on Lot Machines

The Fruit Machine games, which can be found in large numbers online, are a type of slot machine with pre-determined pick-to-win bonus game rounds. 

In contrast to slot machines in casinos, the amount of money you will win in a pick-to-win bonus game feature round is pre-determined by the game before you begin selecting locations on the bonus screen. 

Fruit Machines do, however, sometimes provide a Talent Stop type function. When you play one of these machines giving such an extra feature and trigger it, your skill at playing that picking game will determine precisely how much you win while playing these games online. 

Some Other Forms of Pre-determined Bonuses in Games

Many online slot machines contain pre-determined bonus games, such as those that provide free spins anytime three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. 

There are also a rising number of online slot games that have gambling games, where the player can increase the value of any winning combination from a spin by playing a card guessing game. However, the outcomes of these games are typically pre-determined.

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