8 Online English Learning Apps

In this world of technology, there are a lot of online resources that help you improve your language skills.

For example, Cocosteaparty is a website that contains different blogs related to English grammar and language.

Similarly, there are also different English learning apps that you can download on your mobile or computer.

These apps ensure that your language learning is upgraded and helps you in becoming a fluent English speaker.

A few popular English apps are:

1.   Preply

Preply is a famous English app that you can download on your mobile or desktop. This app contains free and paid English lessons that can help you in different ways.

It has free English courses and flashcards to enhance your vocabulary. Moreover, you can book one-on-one sessions with your tutor.

You can select your tutor on Preply and have a video chat with them. The lessons will start from a minimum of 5 dollars and can vary from tutor to tutor.

If you don’t like your lesson, you can ask for a refund or a change of your instructor.

2.   Memrise

It is a vocabulary-boosting app that can help you in learning new words and phrases, and memorize them over time.

The best part of this app is it is free to use. It has a pro version which you can subscribe to for extra content.

It is a flashcard app which contains new words and phrases. For subscribers, there is also a speech recognition feature that helps you pronounce words.

Moreover, it also has a collection of videos called “learn with locals” which you can use to learn pronunciation.

3.   Wannalisn

It is a free app that specifically focuses on the problem of listening comprehension. You can also understand spoken English and can enhance your pronunciation.

It contains short clips of popular movies, TV series, and songs which can help you learn informal English, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions.

It can help you in pronunciation with the help of phonetic transcriptions.

4.   FluentU

Just like Wannalism, FluentU also teaches English through videos. But, it doesn’t contain fictional content but real-world videos.

These can include news, TV commercials, and popular talk shows. So, it is crucial to understand native English easily.

Moreover, it is used for learning English vocabulary. In it, you can tap on a word and learn in which context it is used.

5.   BBC Learning App

The BBC learning app can help you with different aspects of learning English. It can help you understand grammar, pronunciation, and the latest phrases to enhance your vocabulary.

This app also allows you to download different video programs. These videos can help you in enhancing your listening skills and pronunciation.

You can share these programs with your friends and families through your mobile.

6.   Duolingo

It is an award-winning app that has turned learning English into a game. It has a free version and a plus version which costs $6.99 per month.

In it, you have to play a 5-minute long game in which you can learn English words, and grammar and enhance your speaking skills.

You have to speak into a microphone and it will record your answer. Then, after every session, it will give you a detailed report about your learning.

This app is also helpful in making a consistent learning habit. If you forget to take a lesson, it will start emailing you. This will remind you about your learning journey.

7.   Beelinguapp

This app helps develop reading skills and listening skills. It is a story app which also has audiobook features.

It has a free version but you can go for a monthly subscription at $1.99. It is available in twelve languages.

In it, you can read English stories along with your native language. It will help you to learn new words and enhance your vocabulary.

Moreover, it also has audio features so you can listen to the story too.

8.   Udemy

In this app, you can find hundreds of courses on different topics. You can learn languages or other types of courses too.

It has limited free courses and some paid ones. The prices of each course vary according to the resources in it.

This app has specific courses targeting specific parts of a language. So, you can excel in a specific part with the help of it.


So, these are the language learning apps. You can carry them with you wherever you go. They will help you polish your language skills.

So, make them a part of your life.

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