6 Must-Have Features Of The School ERP

Are you not searching for the right school management software for your institute? Do you not know what features to look for while buying an ERP for your school? Look no further, in this article we are going to discuss the features that an ideal ERP software must have.

Today, ERP software in schools is the for its success, as now most of the teaching-learning process of schools is going online, the ERP helps the institutes to administer all their day-to-day operations easily and error-free. 

School ERP software is the system which helps the schools to manage their daily administrative tasks, teaching and learning operations, data collection and storage, curriculum creation and communication tasks, etc. to do digitally.

However, to do all of these operations swiftly and correctly, the ERP software schools select must have all the required features, and to ensure that you select the right software for your school; do look for these features in the ERP.

Student Information: The first and essential feature of any ERP software is that it can collect student information error-free. Schools have thousands of students studying and the administration must maintain all the information related to them safely and error-free. Thus an ERP must have the easy and automated process of filing and organising the student data into the school’s system. When selecting any ERP check that the procedure of adding new information is not confusing and data collected is easier to search. So that when teachers want to look for information about students, they don’t have to search for hours.

Teacher and Staff Management: Teachers and other staff members of schools are an essential part of the management, having their information is crucial. Many schools have shown dissatisfaction with their ERP software because it does not have the feature to store teacher information, just like students. That’s why before buying a software review that does have this feature. Using the teacher and staff management feature, the school can store data on its current and ex-employees it also helps keep records of leaves taken, entry and exit timing and work performance of teachers and other staff members.

Fee Collection: When we mentioned that school ERP is for managing daily tasks of the schools, fee collection and maintaining accounts is one of those most important tasks. Fee collection happens every day and it’s not just fees, they receive library due fines, donations and other fines from students. It’s necessary to maintain a clear and error-free record of all these transactions in the financial books of the school.ERP software makes this task easier by automated online fee collection, adding any due fee amount, collecting fees as per any special student’s discount etc. 

Progress Chart: The classes are going online then the results must be prepared online too. With the school ERP, this task can be done, automatically. The ERP uses the collected academic data of the student to create their progress report. Which teachers can use to provide feedback to the students and also communicate the results with parents.

Communication And Alert System: Communicating information with students and parents at the right time is the school’s responsibility. With the right ERP, schools can fulfil this responsibility with due. The right software would be that which informs the users i.e; teachers, students and guardians of all the necessary information. It should alert about fees due dates, activities conducted, exam schedule, daily timetable or any emergency notice. So that they can perform all their duties and tasks on time.

Salary Payouts: An Institute ERP software for schools must have the feature to payout the salaries of teachers and other staff. It should have the facility to pay the salaries through online transactions and automatically record all the details on the school’s financial account.

 Searching for the right ERP software can be tiresome, so don’t look for perfection; choose that software that has, the maximum number of features to meet the needs of your institute. The above-listed features were some must-haves and basics, that software should have. You can look for other features as per your needs, for example, library management, multi-branch data collection, examination maintenance, transportation alert etc.   

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