What are the most common pests in commercial spaces and how to prevent them

Pests pose unique challenges for industrial buildings as long as ceilings, walls, and common areas are concerned. In case you don’t take prompt action about pest infestation,  a small issue can soon turn into a major one. If you are a commercial property owner, pest control is one of the biggest concerns. With the increase in the population of pests, commercial property pest control will become one of the most important issues. Here is a list of the pests in commercial properties that you should keep in mind. 

Rats, rodents, and mice

Rats, rodents, and mice are pests that are highly common in every commercial property. Mice can lead to damage by chewing everything from insulation, electric wiring, wooden materials, and beams. They not only cause damage but also spread diseases that are even more destructive. Rats chew through electrical wiring that leads to fires, and also plastic items. They even spread parasites like fleas that carry diseases like plague. 


Cockroaches can be difficult to deal with as they are attracted to organic matter and they show up in commercial buildings with pantries and other food-handling areas. Pests like cockroaches can become a problem in case pest control is not taken care of initially. Cockroaches eat anything that has an unpleasant odor, and any contaminated surfaces that they come in touch with. On the other hand, if you take commercial pest control seriously, these insects can’t damage your commercial property. 


Flies can be found in commercial properties, particularly in break rooms. As per pest management professionals, flies get attracted by trash cans, open garbage, and food particles that are found on the floor. Professional or DIY pest control is required when flies become a problem but first, you should determine the type of fly you want to kill. While most of these flies are annoying, many won’t even pose a threat to animals and humans. Pest control for flies can be done with the help of pest management professionals. 


Spiders are yet another eight-legged creature that is often found in commercial properties. They’re small and might not seem to be a threat to employees but they can lead to big issues. Cobwebs usually collect dust that is airborne and if you don’t kill spiders on time, they can make your property dirty and filthy. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who is thinking of cleaning up your commercial property, you should keep the above-listed points in mind. 

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