Types of Bongs

Bong is a device that lets you get smoke from your best herbs via water filtration. These items are also called water pipes and come in different types. Cannabis is legal in most states, and most people enjoy its effects with a bong.

There are many myths and suspicions surrounding this natural product, but most people use it for its recreational effect. The most common way to consume cannabis is by smoking or inhaling. Cannabis smokers are familiar with a bong since it gives them a proper ‘hit.’

Bongs are easily-available in the market, and buyers get to choose from their vast types. Every bong type has its distinct shapes and characteristics. Below we discuss the most common bong types.

1. Straight Tube Bong

The straight tube bong is one of the most common types due to its simplicity. This bong is easy to use and entails a cylinder featured with a bowl and stems on the side. Users are only required to add water into the tube to use it and put the marijuana over the bowl.

This bong has a downstream that filters smoke, and it should always be underwater. Straight tube bongs are mainly used with herb-based products and are available in various designs. This bong is preferred because it is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

2. Beaker Shaped Bong

This bong is an enhanced laboratory beaker that functions as a bong. This bong has a heavy bottom, ensuring strong stability. Owners can use them comfortably without worrying about knocking them over.

Beaker-shaped bongs are available in different designs and shapes, and some are capable of releasing more smoke. Besides the shape, this bong’s features resemble the straight tube bong. The beaker-shaped bong has a downslide and bowl that should be submerged in water. Users should put cannabis on top of the bowl and light it to start smoking.

Beaker bongs also have a more extensive water capacity than straight tube bongs, meaning they have a superior infiltration. Water in these bongs also stays clearer for long, and users are advised to change it less frequently.

Beaker bongs have the best shape due to a blend of beautiful aesthetics and a functional design.

3. Round-Base Bong

Round-base bongs have the exact mechanism of beaker-shaped bongs, and their chamber is circular. These bongs are more stable than the above types due to their heavy bottom, which offers more girth.

The round-base bong has a similar mechanism to beaker types; the only difference is the shape.

4. Bucket Gravity Bong

These bongs are becoming increasingly popular since they can be made using a regular household item. Bucket gravity bongs are also cheap, making them more popular; they are vacuum created after water is finished in the enclosed space.

This type is the basic design of the gravity bong, and it requires a bucket of water and a plastic bottle. Even though a bucket gravity bong is easy to make at home, you might need a professionally made design soon.

This apparatus gives users a smoother and cooler smoking experience since the marijuana has been thoroughly filtered.

5. Multi-Chamber Bong

These bongs are also called recycler bongs, which feature several chambers that come from the tube and enhance filtration. This bong has two chambers holding water and features two infiltration stages that make smoke cleaner for the smoker.

This bong’s two chambers are challenging to construct, making this bong costlier than others. These bongs are also more complex to clean.

6. Waterfall Gravity Bong

This bong type is more complex than the gravity bong and resembles the bucket gravity bong. However, water is drained from below in this design instead of pulling it up. In this case, users can use a whole bottle which acts as the bucket and bong.

This bong is easy to build at home, but you will soon find yourself looking for glass bongs for sale.

7. Percolator Bong

The percolator bong occurs in different types and is also called a bubble bong. This bong is popular due to its easy maintenance and low price.

Final Thoughts

Bongs are essential to smokers and inhalers and occur in different types. The above article has discussed the most common types of bongs, and you can reach out for more information.

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