How Do I Design a Business Card That People Will Keep?

A well-designed business card should match the personality of its client and its brand. Choosing the right typefaces is crucial. Choosing too many can be confusing for the recipient. Try combining easy-to-read serifs with decorative fonts. The latter will add personality to the client’s name while keeping the contact information readable. In general, complementary shades work best. You can use art websites to find complimentary colours and use them for your business card.

When designing a business card, it is vital to avoid clutter. Avoid using too much text and use white space to draw the eye. This will make the design easier to read, attracting more attention. Ideally, the card will have space on both sides. You can include a note or the name of a colleague in the blank space. Make sure the text is small, so it won’t overwhelm the recipient.

Before designing a business card, study those of your competitors. Collect as many as you can, and study their cards. Note any common qualities they share and what makes them stand out. Focus on these cards to find out what they did right. Once you have a clear idea of what works well for one industry, you can apply these principles to your business card design. It’s worth investing time and money in a well-designed business card.

Make the card interactive or useful. Interactive business cards keep the attention of customers, so they’re less likely to be thrown away. A few business cards even double up as a cheese grater. In fact, some are even designed to be torn apart to be used as seed packets. Creating something interactive and useful is the ultimate goal for a business card, so try to think outside the box!

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