Things You Should Know About Oval Cut Rings

Oval cut rings have been lately made popular by some celebrities. Unlike round-cut diamond rings, oval rings have a unique presence that makes your personality more charming. The oval cut shows a diamond more precisely than the round cut.

You can propose to your girlfriend with an oval ruby ring rather than choosing a round diamond ring. Oval cuts represent the long relationship and commitment between the couple. These rings also make your fingers look longer than their actual size.

If you have already decided to buy an oval cut ring to gift your girlfriend, keeping certain tips in mind is beneficial. This blog highlights all the things that one must know before purchasing an oval-cut ring.

When Did Oval-Cut Rings Come Into Existence?

Until the 1950s, round-cut rings were popular among couples. After this year, a diamond cutter from Russia Lazare Kaplan gained a reputation after he shaped a flawless diamond into an oval shape. This diamond cutter is used to cut down damaged diamonds and other damaged parts of the gemstone.

Many famous people have worn oval-cut rings in the past years including queens and Hollywood celebrities.

Things To Know About Oval Cut Rings

Buying an oval cut ring without its basics and characteristics is not a good idea. Before buying an oval cut ring, you must know some of its major points such as:

1. Oval-Cut Gemstones Come in Various Shapes

Whether it is a diamond or gemstone, oval-shaped stones come in various ranges. You can get short, long, or elongated diamonds. Short oval cuts look similar to round cuts. On the other hand, tall oval diamonds look exactly like a marquise cut. You can also choose customized oval cuts for your rings.

2. Number of Facets in An Oval Cut Diamond

Normally, the oval diamond rings have 56 facets. But it is not the same in every case. Some oval-cut diamonds also have fewer facets. Oval cut diamond has a length-to-width ratio of 1.5. If you choose more elevated ratios, the rings will become longer. On the other hand, the rings with lower length-to-width ratios are shorter.

3. Cost of Oval Cut Rings

If you have a low budget, choose an oval-cut diamond ring. Oval cut diamond ring is affordable while round-cut diamonds are costlier than oval cuts. You can also select different kinds of gemstones for oval cut rings such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies at a low budget.

One of the best things about oval cut diamonds is that you can get a diamond of 1.0 carat at an affordable price. You can make huge savings on oval-cut diamond rings.

4. Give A More Sparkling Effect

One of the best advantages of an oval cut ring is that it shows a more sparkling effect than other cuts of rings. Apart from that, this cut also displays diamonds brighter than other types of ring cuts.

In addition, an oval cut makes a ring more impressive than other cuts. It also makes fingers look longer and slimmer. Women with any skin tone can wear oval-cut diamond rings.

5. Does Not Scratch Easily

A special thing about the oval cut ring is that it does not scratch easily. This cut does not have sharp corners and they do not get damaged even after wearing it for a long time. This cut does not break the stone or damage it even if wear the ring daily.

Oval cut rings are durable and do not get damaged due to a hit or water. You can wear these rings on any finger.

6. Perfect for Other Kinds of Gemstones

Another special characteristic of an oval cut is that it looks amazing on any type of gemstone. You can choose different kinds of gemstones for oval-cut rings such as rubies, topaz, sapphires, and emeralds.

Oval rings also suit males on occasions such as engagements and weddings. They are durable without any sharp corners. Besides, oval cut rings do not get damaged due by sharp objects.

7. Diamond Settings in Oval Cut Rings

One of the major benefits of getting an oval cut in rings is that it shows love and romance. The oval cut depicts romance and suits any type of diamond ring or solitaire setting. Apart from that, you can also match an oval cut with other types of ring designs and patterns.

Many couples choose an oval-cut diamond ring of 1 to 2 carats as per the fashion trends. You can also customize these rings with some kinds of gemstones and other patterns.

8. Different Types of Metals for The Ring

Oval cut rings can suit any kind of metal. When buying an oval-cut ring, brides love different types of patterns and metals. You can choose yellow gold or white gold for an oval-cut ring. Apart from that, some brides also choose silver, platinum, or sterling silver for the oval cut rings.

If you are choosing diamonds for the oval cut, choose white gold metal. A combination of white gold metal and diamonds looks attractive on a wedding ring.

9. Look At 4Cs Of Diamonds

While choosing an oval-cut diamond ring, you must look at 4Cs. They include cut, carat, color, and clarity of the diamond. The cut is the number of facets in a diamond. A good cut gives a shiny effect on the diamond while designing a ring.

Carat is the weight of the diamond whereas clarity is the internal perfection of the diamond. Color refers to how colorless the diamond is.

Final Words

These are some of the most vital factors to understand while buying an oval-cut ring. Oval-cut rings look attractive on fingers of any size. They also make any stone look more elegant on the ring.

Additionally, you can match any type of metal and pattern with oval cut rings. You can also buy oval-cut rings at an affordable rate. Different designs in oval cut rings are available online and even in the offline stores of famous jewelry brands.

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