Seeking help for trucking accident attorneys in Connecticut

Commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, and semi-trucks are responsible for some of Connecticut’s most disastrous road mishaps. More often than not, pedestrians, car passengers, and drivers suffer the consequences, primarily because trucks are huge in size and cause massive damage in what may seem like minor accidents. Let’s learn more today about getting help for a trucking accident.

Trucking accidents are different

The trucking industry is regulated by a significant number of federal and state regulations and laws, and many companies blatantly flout the rules. An accident involving a commercial truck must be investigated in the proper context, which is precisely why you need a reliable lawyer. Lawyers have practice and expertise and can find details that are otherwise hard to uncover.

Determining fault could be a challenge

Who is responsible for a trucking accident? In general, people assume that the truck driver was probably drunk, speeding, distracted, or tired, which caused the mishap. While that could be true in some cases, many other parties may have a role. For instance, the trucking company may have failed to do background checks when hiring a driver, or the loading service could have overloaded the vehicle. Even vehicle manufacturers and maintenance services are often parties to trucking accident lawsuits. You need a lawyer who can help determine the parties accountable for the losses and injuries you have endured.

A lawsuit could be complex

Trucking companies often work with the top insurance companies, and as a plaintiff, you should remember that the claims adjuster is not your well-wisher. If you are not smart enough, you may accept the first insurance offer under pressure, not taking further steps. In some cases, there may not be any agreement on the compensation amount, which may call for further action. You may need to find a lawsuit, which is a complicated and expensive option. An attorney can be your guide for the entire case and will take a stance for you at the trial.

You don’t need to pay right away

If you are anxious about hiring a trucking accident lawyer, please note that most law firms in Connecticut will take a contingency fee. The lawyer cannot ask you for payment if you don’t recover money through insurance or the other at-fault party. The arrangement is a great blessing, especially when you are struggling financially.

Get an attorney soon after the accident to recover a fair settlement.

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